Regional Director’s Message

March 2012

At the Region 17 Spring Meeting, Gerald gave an update of what was happening at AHA.

Summary of AHA Board of Directors Meeting held in Denver March 9 & 10, 2012:

  1. Treasurer's Report
    1. AHA should meet FY 2012 budget based on current projections.  Our net cash position is continuing to improve.
    2. Payments to Sweepstakes fund will be completed by end of July 2012
    3. The room block for convention was not met, so AHA was billed $18,000 by the hotel.
    4. Review of Fees increases for FY 2013: the only fees that are changing this year are Export Certificates from $80.00 to $100.00 and Racing Certificates from $100.00 to $125.00

  2. Judges & Stewards Report
    There are currently 255 Arabian Judges of which 148 are National/Regional judges. There is a continuing decline in 9-90 fees collected as the number of shows decline, concurrent and one day shows are also effecting 9-90 fees.

  3. AHA Department Reports
    1. Marketing
      Concern over the decline in members signing up for the Modern Arabian Horse, currently subscription rates are only 47%.  AHA has an agreement with Marriot Hotels which can be extended to the Regions & Clubs. The marketing group can put you in touch with a local account manager to take advantage of this agreement.
      1. Funding has been approved for Phase 1 of a new AHA website. The MDP committee is moving forward with reviewing RFP responses to recommend a vendor for development.  One-Third of the funding is being provided by the Purebred Arabian Trust (PAT).
      2. The AHA Facebook page has 40,000 fans and 12.6 million friends of fans, from countries around the world.
      3. A Riding Stable Database has been established, there are currently 106 Farms listed from 36 states and 2 provinces  in Canada.
    2. IT Projects
      AHA IT staff will be rolling out an on-line payment system shortly, this will allow members to make payments for any programs online, not just Registrations.
    3. AHA Registries
      Registrations are continuing to decline for all equine breeds. In 2011 3,936 Purebreds were registered and 1,162 Half/Anglo Arabians.

  4. FY 2013 Budget was passed

  5. US Nationals
    15 new classes have been added including splitting the AOTR Half/Anglo Hunter and Western into 3 age groups. Also, AEPA $100,000 Arabian Saddle Seat and AEPA $50,000 Half-Arabian Saddle Seat futurities have been added.
    1. Sweepstakes money for the US Nationals 3 year & under and 4 year & over Championships will now be paid to the top 10 horses, not just the Champion and Reserve.
    2. 6 year old CEP or EP Maturity AOTR horses will be allowed to cross enter into the respective Open classes.
    3. The BOD passed a motion accepting the recommendation of the US National Show commission to renew the contract with Tulsa for another 5 years beginning in 2013.

  6. Proposed requirement for AHA to be named on Certificates of Insurance for all AHA shows was tabled until more information can be collected.

  7. Sport Horse Nationals will be in Idaho this year on September 19th to 22nd. This is one day shorter than previous shows. The show will be at the Virginia Horse Park in 2013.

  8. 2012 AHA Convention is in Denver November 15 to 19 at the Marriott Denver Tech Centre. Sponsorship forms are available and Regions are once again being asked to sponsor this convention as it is a non-hosted convention.

  9. There is available $300.00 in Breed Promotion funding for clubs by applying to the AHA Executive Committee.

Also of note:

•  1-Day shows may now include Dressage and Sport Horse Classes.

•  Halter Scoring at Regionals: All scores for each judge will be ranked then put through MOS to determine placing as in performance classes.

Gerald McDonald    
Director Region 17 AHA    

The 2013 Region 17 Spring Meeting will be in Vancouver.
All members are welcome to attend.