Breed and Club Promotion

Choose Your Tool to Accomplish the Task at Hand

AHA Promotion Booth

AHA has provided a display booth to be used by Region 17 and it's member clubs for use at equine and related events.

Promotion Booth

The Sky's the Limit!

Great Ideas for Great Clubs

Every club is as unique as it's members. To be successful, your club needs to clearly understand what the current and prospective members expect. (pdf file)

Sky's the Limit Handbook

Great Clubs Communicate

Energize your club membership and increase participation in all club events. (pdf file)

Perks & Pride Handbook

Use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to get your club's message out to all current and prospective members. (pdf file)

Social Media Tips

TAIL Program

Remember the first time you touched a horse?
Share that feeling with others! At your next club event, introduce them to the wonderful Arabian horse in a way they will never forget with the Total Arabian Interaction Learning Program.

TAIL Program

Leg Up Lesson Series

AHA has developed a fun lesson series about the Arabian horse for youth leaders everywhere.

Leg Up Program