Region 17 Youth Team Tournament

Region 17 Youth Team Secretary  Sydney Young
phone: 780.720-6647

Guidelines for Region 17 Youth Team Tournament Awards

2015 Youth Team Tournament Results

Recognized Division

Region 17 Champion - 318 points
OVERALL Champion AHA Youth Team
Aurora Blues
Arianna Bell, Grace Kreuger, Kaylin Letherdale, Kaitlin Payne, Shaylin Sharpe, Sydney Young
Coach: Terri Martin

Region 17 Reserve Champion
Seward Rats
Megan Buksa, Anna Kalisvaart, Marijke Kalisvaart, Alana McLaughlin, Madeline Jacknisky, Deidra Zuchotzki
Coach: Kim Steward

Non-AHA Recognized Division

Region 17 Champion
VI Riders
Mary Houston, Maddy Vanderkuyl, Kaitlyn Champoux
Coach: Edwina MacDonald

Region 17 Reserve Champion
Aurora Bees
Arianna Bell, Shaylin Sharpe, Kaitlyn Larson
Coach: Terri Martin

Put Together a Team!

Teams must be registered before the first show of the year, and by February 1st of the current year at the latest. All the information is in Chapter 23 of the AHA Handbook. Note: New rules are in effect in 2016.

Download the official Youth Team Forms or contact the Youth Team Secretary, Sydney Young at